Complete Launder Rebuild

Molten aluminum runs down this launder from the melting furnace at the other end. The before picture is the corroding launder. The after picture is what it looks like once all the corrosion was  removed and then lined. The new liner made this process more energy efficient by retaining all the heat when the lid…

Emergency Holding Furnace Re-line

This holder had a ton of build up that has oxidized and cracked. When we tore the wall our we realized the oxide had penetrated through affecting more of the structural integrity. Instead of just cleaning in like the customer wanted, we recommended a full re-lining which helped maintain the molten aluminum temperature better.

MidWest Die-Cast

We fully repaired this german built stack melter furnace. The client would dump scrap or ingot pieces into this stack melter. Once the aluminum was melted it would run down to the bottom of the stack and flow out through the right side.