Refractory Products

Empire Solutions has been partnering with manufacturers in the refractory business for many years. Our partners are known both for the strength of their products and their innovation in developing new products. We work with AP Green/Harbison-Walker/North American Refractory; Allied Minerals/Chicago Firebrick/Matrix; BNZ Materials, Thermal Ceramics, United Refractories, Saint Gobain and many others to insure we have the materials that provide the best solution for all of your needs.

Our product availability includes:

  • BRICK: Fireclay, High Alumina, Insulating, and Silicon Carbide brick
  • CASTABLES: High Alumina, Silica, Phosphate Bonded and Insulating
  • GUNITE: Insulating, High Alumina, Shotcrete and Silica based
  • BLANKET: Insulating blanket and board in varying densities and sizes
  • MORTAR: Alumina, Fireclay, Silica, Silicon Carbide
  • PLASTICS: Alumina, Chrome, Fireclay, Phosphate bonded
  • RAMMING MIXES: Alumina, High Alumina, Fireclay and Vibratable mixes
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